Jingsh Tongzhou Office Signing Ceremony

Jingsh Law Firm held the Tongzhou Office Signing Ceremony&Jingsh Development Seminar recently at Jingsh Lawyers Building, Beijing.

Guests present are as follows,

Zhang Lingxiao, Director of Jingsh Law Firm

Song Xiaojiang, Secretary of Jingsh Party Committee

Li Jianping, Partner of Jingsh Law Firm

Wang Guanshun, Partner of Jingsh Law Firm

Cai Chunlei, Partner of Jingsh Law Firm

Wang Xu, Partner of Jingsh Law Firm

Du Jian, Manager for Jingsh Domestic Offices Coordination Department&Jingsh Risk Control Department

Zhang Yichi, Member of Jingsh Domestic Offices Coordination Department

Liu Shuang, the lawyer of Jingsh Law Firm

Chen Wei and Han Yanyan, lawyers of Jingsh Tongzhou Office


As the principal of Jingsh Tongzhou Office during its start-up period, Secretary Song introduced the strategic goal and development plan of the Tongzhou Office. "The establishment of Jingsh Tongzhou Office suits the strategic requirements of Beijing Municipal Committee and Government in 2012, that is 'focusing on Tongzhou development strategy and building a fully functional urban sub-center', and is an active integration of Beijing overall development of the sub-center." He noted, "The high-quality development of the sub-center is relevant with many aspects of economic and social development, such as project introduction, environmental protection, and community harmony. And the vital point for solving these problems is to set rules and implement the rule of law, in which lawyers play an important role."


Moreover, Secretary Song talked about the development ideas and thoughts of the Tongzhou Office. He pointed out three aspects, 1) to be the lawyer of the people, providing high-quality legal services for all sectors of society, 2) assist the government in promoting the rule of law, 3) strive to achieve a two-way breakthrough on large-scale and professional.


The establishment of the Tongzhou Office is both an opportunity for Jingsh's development and an inevitable choice driven by history. Director Zhang said. Jingsh Party Committee and Management Committee highly value the development of the Tongzhou Office, especially delegating Secretary Song Xiaojiang to take charge of the site selection, preparation work, and operation&management of the Tongzhou Office. We hope Tongzhou Office can thoroughly implement the development purpose and concept of Beijing Headquarters and vigorously develop its professional ability. Meanwhile, it should try to serve the economic and social construction and development of the Beijing sub-center and improve its public legal service system.


Li Jianping emphasized that Tongzhou Office should focus on professional construction. Beijing Headquarters will continue to integrate all resources to provide systematic support and assistance for Tongzhou Office and help it expand the development channels. He also gave some constructive suggestions for the preparation work of the Tonghzhou Office.


Wang Guanshun emphasized the importance of law firm supervision and risk prevention&control for the development of the law firm. He suggested establishing a scientific and effective risk prevention and control mechanism, ensuring the stability and development of the law firm.


Cai Chunlei stressed the importance of rules and systems in the development of the Tongzhou Office.


Combined with the construction experience of Shenyang and Harbin Office, Wang Xu noted that the core and strategic point of the development of the Tongzhou Office lies in the formation of efficient and convenient Office Procedure &Operation Mechanism. Based on the large-scale, strategic brand, professional and international, the law firm should also realize digitalization and e-commercialization. He focused on law+technology thinking, suggesting Tongzhou Office create the "online" and "offline" dual development model.


Du Jian emphasized the necessity of risk control management and the education&supervision of professional ethics and practice discipline for lawyers from the perspective of law firm management. Besides, she pointed out that zero-risk and zero-complaint is the consistent goal of Jingsh system.


Liu Shuang


Chen Wei


Han Yanyan


The establishment of Jingsh Tongzhou Office fundamentally embodied that Jingsh focuses on the overall strategy of the sub-center and consciously integrating it into the national strategy. Jingsh Tongzhou will focus on regional economic development and social harmony and stability, serving the optimization and upgrading of Tongzhou District's business environment, and contributing Jingsh strength to the "Sub-center serving Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Integration" strategy.